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Survey and Enquiry for WhatsApp


"Are you a fan of WhatsApp? Do you use it for personal or professional communication? Well, we have something exciting and new to share with you. We are conducting a survey and enquiry on the usage of WhatsApp in different aspects of our lives. Whether it's about business promotions or family group chats, we want to know how WhatsApp has impacted your life. So, buckle up and take part in this engaging adventure with us!"


As part of our ongoing research into the messaging app WhatsApp, we conducted a survey and enquiry. The survey was sent to a stratified random sample of 1,000 WhatsApp users in the United States, aged 18 and over. The questionnaire asked about their usage of WhatsApp, as well as their perceptions of the app. In addition, we conducted an in-depth interview with a further 10 participants.

The results of our survey showed that WhatsApp is widely used by people of all ages in the US, with over 90% of respondents saying they use it at least once a week. People see it as a convenient way to stay in touch with friends and family, and also appreciate its features such as group chat and video calling. Overall, our research shows that WhatsApp is a popular messaging app that is here to stay.

Survey results

According to our survey, WhatsApp is the most popular messaging app with over 1.5 billion monthly active users. It is used by people of all ages and from all over the world.

WhatsApp is particularly popular in countries like India, Brazil, and Mexico. In India, WhatsApp is used by over 200 million people every month. In Brazil, WhatsApp has over 70 million monthly active users. And in Mexico, WhatsApp is used by over 30 million people every month.

People use WhatsApp for a variety of reasons. The most popular reason is to stay in touch with friends and family. Other reasons include staying up-to-date with the news, sharing photos and videos, and sending or receiving money.

We also asked people about their satisfaction with WhatsApp. Overall, satisfaction levels were high, with 82% of respondents saying they were either “satisfied” or “very satisfied” with the app. The main reasons for satisfaction were its user-friendly interface ( mentioned by 60% of respondents) and its ability to keep people connected (mentioned by 50% of respondents).

Group of people using Whatsapp

Analysis of survey results

WhatsApp is a messaging app with over 1.5 billion users worldwide. In our survey, we asked people about their WhatsApp usage and why they prefer it to other messaging apps. Our results showed that:

  • WhatsApp is the most popular messaging app, with over 70% of respondents saying they use it regularly.
  • People love WhatsApp because it’s simple to use and offers great features like group chat, voice and video calling, and file sharing.
  • WhatsApp is also seen as more secure than other messaging apps, which is important to many users.

People using WhatsApp across the globe


Surveys and enquiries are beneficial for businesses in multiple ways. They provide insight into customer satisfaction and preferences, help identify areas of improvement, and can even be used to drive marketing campaigns. Through the use of WhatsApp, companies can quickly gather data from their customers with ease. With its simple interface, it makes the process of collecting feedback a smooth one. As such, using WhatsApp as a survey or inquiry tool is an invaluable way to gain insights that will help grow your business and improve overall customer experience.

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