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Lead Generation in Real Estate

Generating and managing leads across multiple channels can be chaotic, leading to lost opportunities.

Imagine a streamlined system for lead organization and lead automations

iMBrace platform allows you to easily:

Manage leads from all channels

Manage leads from all channels

Automate business processes

Automate business processes

Track lead progression

Track lead progression

Say goodbye to missed opportunities and hello to a more efficient sales process.

Roadshow Events not getting Leads?

  • Assign agents and engage
  • Automatically collect leads
  • Lead Generation via QR Code to Messaging & Automate brochure & info delivery

Real Estate Online Lead Generation

  • Leads routed to the right team, members, and apps
  • Manage leads with workflow automation for follow-ups, responses
  • Manage all channel leads like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, Line, WeChat into one place

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Not following up leads quickly enough?

  • Real-time booking
  • Reminders and follow-up
  • No Code Workflow and Databoard resolve this
  • Outbound messages and no closed loop follow up
  • Workflow links from Excel Salesforce & 100+ services

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Appointments booking system for all Channels

  • Automatic assign to the right team
  • Automated reminders and follow up
  • All bookings confirmed to one calendar
  • Appointment booking system via web form, WhatsApp, Google Calendar, and etc.

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Struggling to retain a customer?

  • Keep nurturing leads by sending personalized messages/emails
  • Automate messages for promotions and info and know where is the source of reply

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Join iMBrace and increase your productivity.