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Best Practice Journeys and Ideas

Struggling to manage Facebook and Instagram leads?

  • Categorize comments based on sentiment by AI
  • Send automated responses to users after commenting
  • Connect with leads on both Facebook or Instagram

Looking to streamline your email marketing?

  • Design targeted email campaigns for audiences
  • Track results for maximum engagement and customer growth
  • Analyze performance to optimize your email marketing strategy

Upgrade your sales & marketing with AI!

  • Create custom virtual assistants for all your channels
  • AI assistants answer FAQs
  • Provide support based on your knowledge base

Streamline your marketing and sales with automated WhatsApp outreach

  • Send pre-approved message templates to targeted audiences
  • Schedule follow-ups
  • Boost conversions with increased efficiency

Never miss a lead again!

  • Capture contacts from in-person interactions, calls, and events
  • Import them in bulk via CSV files
  • Comprehensive contact management system

Capture lead from web form

Captures leads who engage with your website forms. Eliminates manual data entry and ensures you never miss a hot lead, allowing you to personalize outreach and accelerate the sales cycle.

Off-hours messages through email

Set up auto-replies for emails received outside business hours, letting them know you’ve received their message and will respond when you’re back in the office.

Sync Outlook email to databoard

While manually linking Outlook data to a database has limitations and struggles with large volumes, automatic syncing offers a more efficient solution for capturing important information.

Reengage lead on WhatsApp after 24 hours

Rekindles interest in leads who haven’t responded within 24 hours. Craft personalized messages to nudge them back into the conversation, and ultimately boost your conversion rates.

Festive wishes through WhatsApp / email

Engage with your customer by sending personalized WhatsApp greetings for any occasion, saving your time and effort while boosting your customers’ brand loyalty throughout the year.

Send welcome email message to new lead

Nurture your lead by sending personalized welcome emails. Makes a strong first impression and foster a positive relationship from the start.

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