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Unlocking Business Success: Embrace the Power of Social CRM

Social CRM: Integrates Social Media Platforms with CRM systems


"Social CRM (customer relationship management) is now the norm for all sizes of businesses. It's important for brands to realize that using social media by itself is no longer enough. The information we gather from social interactions can provide valuable insights. It's essential for all departments to have access to this data. Likewise, customer data from other departments can be incredibly useful for the social media team."

What is Social CRM?

Social CRM, short for social customer relationship management. It is all about connecting your social media channels with your CRM system. By doing this, you provide everyone in your company with a complete record of customer interactions. It includes those that occur on social media. Why is this important? Well, social connections can actually turn into real leads. However, when you first connect with someone on social media, it's not the best time to bombard them with a hard sell. Instead, you need a way to track and nurture these potential leads over time.

Integrating social media into your CRM also helps you get a clearer picture of the success of your social marketing strategy. By tying customer interactions on social networks to actual business outcomes, like purchases or subscriptions, you can measure the effectiveness of your efforts.

But that's not all. Social CRM data also allows you to create highly targeted custom audiences for your social ads. By understanding the characteristics of your existing customers, you can create lookalike audiences that are likely to be interested in your offerings.

Social CRM helps you manage your customer relationships on social media, track potential leads, measure the success of your social marketing, and create targeted social ads. It's a valuable tool that can take your customer engagement to the next level.

Social CRM helps you manage your customer relationships on social media

How to set up a social CRM process

To make social CRM work for your business, here are the steps you can take:

  1. Get started with social listening:
    Social listening means keeping track of discussions related to your company, products, services, important individuals within your organization, and relevant keywords on social media platforms. This includes conversations that don’t necessarily tag or mention you directly. By finding ongoing conversations about your brand or industry, you can establish and nurture relationships online. It might involve addressing customer complaints on Twitter or identifying potential business opportunities on LinkedIn. This valuable information can be beneficial to all teams within your company. And acts as a great starting point for incorporating social data into your CRM system.


  2. Bring All Your Chats Together:
    So, your squads in social and customer support are busy chatting it up with all sorts of customers across different channels. The magic trick here? Round up all that chatter into a single inbox. This way, your CRM smarts aren’t just focused on profiles but on real-deal people.

    iMBrace, the Omnichannel Messaging Platform that’s here to sprinkle some magic into your life. Say buh-bye to the hassle of hopping between different channels – iMBrace gathers everything under one roof. Messages, questions, and even those quirky feedback tidbits from all corners? You got it, all in one neat spot. From chatty social media convos to those inbox surprises, iMBrace has your back.

    If you’re dipping your toes into the world of social media CRM and your CRM system isn’t in the picture yet, these first two moves are like a high-five for starters. Now, if you’ve already got a CRM system strutting its stuff, give a nod to step 3 and keep the good times rolling.

  3. Blend Social Flavor into Your Current CRM Mix:
    Here’s the scoop: you want to mix that social data right into your trusty CRM.

    Think of it like peanut butter and jelly – they’re a match made in heaven. Ideally, you’d do this with platform integrations. Don’t sweat it, we’ll dive into the nitty-gritty tools in just a bit. The bottom line? It’s not as tricky as rocket science.

    Get this – Social CRM is like the cool kid in town. Big and small companies alike are giving it a high-five. And guess what? Lots of the CRM systems out there are already doing a happy dance with social tools. So, no need to pull your hair out over integration – it’s more like a walk in the park.

    Read More: iMBrace’s over 100 integrations & channels

5 Awesome Social CRM Tools

  1. iMBrace: Your Social Sidekick
    iMBrace steps up as your ultimate partner in the social CRM arena. It’s got some pretty slick moves, like centralizing all messages from various platforms into one neat inbox.Here’s the kicker: iMBrace’s lead assignment feature previous various strategies. Design a customized assignment strategies allows automatically assign incoming messages to a right colleague or a team instantly.

    Learn more: iMBrace’s Lead Assignment

    And the plot thickens! iMBrace knows how to play nice with the big shots – think Salesforce, Zendesk, and Microsoft Dynamics CRM. It’s like having the ultimate teammate that’s got your back. iMBrace integrates with top CRM platforms such as:

  2. Salesforce: The Social MVP
    When Salesforce jumps into the ring, you know it’s a major league move. The iMBrace partnership is like the superhero cape of social interactions. It lets you link those social convos to leads, contacts, accounts, and cases. It’s like a full-team power play.
    Hold up, it’s not just for show – you can trigger some top-tier Salesforce workflows based on social chats. Plus, you can whip up marketing magic using all that social data. Talk about scoring big.

  3. Zendesk: Your Ticket to Triumph
    Zendesk and iMBrace are a dynamic duo. You can keep tabs, make updates, and leave comments on your Zendesk tickets without leaving iMBrace. And guess what? You can sprinkle that social sparkle into your Zendesk tickets as well.
    Imagine this: your customer service aces can fire back at customers right where the conversation started, all while keeping tabs on the entire social thread. It’s like a support ninja move.

  4. Microsoft Dynamics 365: The Dynamics Dynamo 
    When Microsoft Dynamics 365 teams up with iMBrace, you’re in for a CRM treat. Social data teams up with your Microsoft CRM – leads, opportunities, the whole enchilada. And get this – you can tackle customer woes with slick case management.
    But that’s not all – you can also catch a glimpse of your CRM details right from iMBrace. Social activities and chats are like best buds with your leads and contacts. It’s like carrying your CRM in your pocket.

Get a Grip on Social Customer Relationships with iMBrace

If you haven't jumped onto the social CRM tools train, you're missing out on the whole shebang. It's the turbocharged route to bring your team into the loop about the real magic of social media. Imagine the smoothest teamwork and top-notch outcomes, all in one package.

Want to see the real deal in action? Give iMBrace a whirl with a demo. Our crew is all set to give your social media strategy a thorough check-up and walk you through how iMBrace can be your ultimate ally in reaching those goals. Don't wait – let's dive in and rock your social game!

demo iMBrace to leads


A Social CRM system is a vital asset for business success. By establishing one, you can monitor and analyze social media conversations, gaining insights into customer needs and enhancing operational efficiency. To maximize its impact, select appropriate software, integrate platforms, and provide team training. Employ automation, customer data analysis, and collaboration to enhance efficiency. To fully capitalize on your Social CRM System, prioritize customer engagement, personalize interactions, and stay abreast of trends to foster strong relationships, boost sales, and elevate your business. Ultimately, investing in a Social CRM System is a smart move to connect with customers, improve experiences, and propel business growth. Start with iMBrace now!

Pros Cons
Targeted Advertising:
Leveraging Social CRM data, businesses can create finely targeted custom audiences for their social ads.
Ongoing Maintenance:
A successful Social CRM implementation necessitates regular updates, maintenance, and continuous training for employees.
Holistic Insights:
Integrating social media with CRM offers a comprehensive overview of customer interactions.
Data Accuracy:
The effectiveness of Social CRM heavily relies on accurate data entry.
Platform Compatibility:
iMBrace’s compatibility with major CRM systems like Salesforce, Zendesk, and Microsoft Dynamics CRM amplifies its capabilities.
Data Fragmentation:
Without a centralized solution like iMBrace, customer interactions might remain scattered across different platforms.


What is Social CRM and why is it important for businesses?

Social CRM, or social customer relationship management, involves connecting your social media channels with your CRM system to track and manage customer interactions. It’s important because it allows businesses to gather valuable insights from social interactions, convert social connections into leads, and measure the effectiveness of social marketing efforts.

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Why should I consider integrating social media with a CRM system like iMBrace?

customer data management and offers benefits such as centralized message inboxes, automation, lead assignment features, and integration with other platforms like Salesforce, Zendesk, and Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Learn more about integration: 
iMBrace’s over 100 integrations & channels

How can I see iMBrace in action?

You can request a demo of iMBrace to experience its features and capabilities firsthand. The iMBrace team can guide you through the tool’s functionalities and show you how it can be your ultimate ally in enhancing your social media strategy.


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