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Overcoming Siloed Communication Gaps: Challenges of Multi-Channel Engagement: The 3rd Challenge in our 5Ps Journey


"In the ever-evolving business landscape, where customer engagement is king, companies face the third challenge in our 5Ps series: transitioning from traditional, siloed communication channels to a unified, circular engagement model. "

The Challenge: Customers Now Navigate a Complex Web of Digital Channels

Traditionally, businesses have been anchored to apps and processes optimized for original, often outdated channels. However, with the advent of modern messaging platforms like WhatsApp, WeChat, Instagram, forms, webchat, etc customers now navigate a complex web of digital touchpoints, expecting to engage seamlessly across all.

This multiplicity of channels often leads to fragmented customer experiences, as new channels become isolated from automated processes, forcing companies to manage them manually. The result? Inconsistency and inefficiency that undermine customer satisfaction and scale.

One of the realizations is that things shall not be top down but should be in a circular engagement model. Engagement has a starting point but shall never end. There shouldn't be a stage called "closed won" anymore as relationships shall grow and customers shall cross channels.

The previous post clearly shows that change is the only constant in businesses and we shall get ready for that. I spoke to my younger colleagues after the last post and learnt that they only have their family members on their telephone contact list. They engage with friends with tools that don't require a phone number. This means no WhatsApp for these younger adults.

Enter iMBrace's SmartPause No Code automation

A transformative solution that connects disparate channels into an engagement circle. This innovative approach empowers customers to re-engage on their terms, providing consistent service and a unified experience across all platforms.

With iMBrace, businesses can break down the walls of communication silos, allowing for a fluid, cost-effective scale that aligns with the dynamic nature of customer interactions today.

Embrace the circle of engagement with iMBrace. Because in the realm of communication, consistency is the new currency.

Join iMBrace and increase your productivity.

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