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Maximizing ROI with iMBrace’s new feature: Intelligent Campaign Management

Maximizing ROI with iMBrace’s new feature: Intelligent Campaign Management


"Campaign and event is a powerful feature that branched out from the iMBrace that allows the users to track and analyse code scans in real-time. By using iMBrace Intelligence Campaign Management, you will be able to track the ROI of the QR codes which includes the scanning of QR codes and also the links clicked by the audiences. With the iMBrace Intelligence Campaign Management, we will be able to track the success of individual campaigns, compare data across multiple campaigns."

Introduction to iMBrace’s new feature: Campaign and Events

iMBrace’s Intelligent Campaign Management feature offers a number of benefits that make it an essential tool for any organisation looking to maximise the return on investment from their campaigns and events. Some of these features include:

  1. Campaign tracking and analysis:
    The iMBrace’s campaign and event feature provides users with detailed insights into the performance of their marketing and sales campaigns. It allows users to track key metrics such as scans and clicks. This information can be used to identify areas of improvement and optimize future campaigns for better results.


  2. Instant feedback:
    One of the key benefits of using iMBrace’s campaign and event feature is the ability to get instant feedback on the effectiveness of your campaigns. This information can be used to make necessary adjustments on the fly, ensuring that you are always maximizing ROI from your marketing and sales efforts.


  3. Easy to use:
    The iMBrace’s campaign and event feature is designed to be easy to use, even for those with no prior experience with campaign tracking or analysis. Scanning a QR code is simple and convenient for customers. They can use their smartphones to scan the code and access your content quickly, without the need to type in a URL or search for your website.
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Benefits of Dynamic QR code from iMBrace’s new feature: Intelligent Campaign Management

Dynamic QR codes are indeed easy to use, and they offer a range of benefits for businesses looking to streamline their marketing efforts. Here are some reasons why dynamic QR codes are user-friendly:

  • Flexibility: Dynamic QR codes can be modified or updated in real-time, making them ideal for campaigns that require frequent changes or updates. You can change the content, landing pages, or calls-to-action as needed, without having to reprint marketing materials.


  • Trackable: Dynamic QR codes can be tracked and analysed to provide insights into campaign performance. You can see how many people have scanned the code, how many times people have clicked the link. This data can be used to optimise your marketing strategy and improve future campaigns.


  • Versatility: Dynamic QR codes can be used on a variety of marketing materials, including business cards, flyers, brochures, posters, and even digital channels like social media and email. This versatility makes them an ideal tool for promoting your brand and engaging with customers.

Differences between Dynamic and Static code

Dynamic Static
  • Allow the information contained in the QR code to be modified even after it has been generated
  • Code can be updated with new information or actions
  • For more complex tasks, such as event management, mobile payments
  • Less flexible
  • Fixed information that cannot be changed after the QR code is created
  • For more simple tasks such as display a website link or contact information
  • More secure
  • Have an expiration date that ensures the code is only used for a specific period of time
  • Prevent unauthorised access
  • More susceptible to hacking or fraud
  • It can be easier for fraudsters to create counterfeit codes or redirect the user to a malicious website
  • Allow tracking and analysing data such as number of scans, clicks
  • Useful for marketing campaigns
  • Difficult to measure the success of a campaign or determine the ROI of your QR code efforts

Why iMBrace’s campaign and event feature with Dynamic QR code is different with the traditional dynamic QR code?

iMBrace’s campaign and event feature with dynamic QR code is not your typical QR code - it's a powerful tool that goes beyond just storing information. iMBrace’s campaign and event feature with communication workflow function is a game-changer for businesses looking to streamline their social media management across multiple platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, and WeChat. This means that you can create a unified customer experience, no matter how your audience chooses to interact with your business. Whether it's through customer service inquiries or targeted marketing campaigns, iMBrace’s campaign and event feature with communication workflow function makes it easy for businesses to create a communication workflow that is efficient, effective, and optimised for success.

The new function is designed to enhance communication between businesses and their customers, making it a valuable tool for any business that wants to stay ahead of the curve in social media. With our platform's customizable workflows and powerful analytics, you can gain valuable insights into your social media strategy and optimise your communication workflow to better reach your target audience. Whether you're a small business just starting or a large enterprise looking to improve your social media presence, iMBrace is the solution you need.

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In conclusion, iMBrace with its newly launched feature: Campaign and Event, is an excellent tool to maximise ROI. By automatically collecting data on the number of scans, can create more targeted campaigns that are likely to be successful in monitoring performances. Furthermore, the detailed analytics provided by this software ensures that marketers can make informed decisions based on real-time data points regarding their marketing efforts. With iMBrace, companies can easily optimise their ROI while creating a better customer experience overall. iMBrace makes it easy for your business to stay connected with your audience in a meaningful way.

Ready for the next level? Our follow-up blog, Boost Your Work Efficiency with iMBrace’s Latest Feature: Intelligent Campaign Management, awaits.

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