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iMBrace Wave Approach: Empower Teams for Dynamic Software Customization


"Out of the challenges, the first is the software customization issue. Digital Transformation is crucial for scaling the company. However, traditional software deployment of building a platform over a period of time is no longer keeping up with the ever-changing business world. "

Outdated and Disconnected Customized Software Hinders Growth

iMBrace Founder (Simon Yeung) deployed in 2005 at his previous company and the same customized Salesforce is also running the business. It's grossly updated and completely disconnected from the SAP ERP system, etc.

Why iMBrace Embraces a Dynamic Approach

A McKinsey analysis has proven that a Wave delivers more value than the traditional Big Bang, do it a long time approach. We built iMBrace to embrace this paradigm shift concept from the 'Big Bang' approach in software utilization to a dynamic, wave-based strategy.

Conventional software customization often locks businesses into a static state. Once deployed, it's a challenge to adapt or upgrade. But the business ecosystem is dynamic, and the ability to pivot and evolve is essential.

iMBrace disrupts this norm with our no-code workflow platform, enabling your own team to tailor and refine processes in real-time. We make it possible to ride the waves of change by: Allowing in-house modifications without the need for specialized coding skills. Seamlessly connecting your processes to new and future communication channels.

Our focus on software communication issues is just the beginning. iMBrace equips you to stay ahead, ensuring that as the world evolves, so does your business—wave by wave.

Is your software enabling change or resisting it? With iMBrace, transform your capacity to adapt and thrive. Visit now!

Join iMBrace and increase your productivity.

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