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Elevate Your Dealership with iMBrace: Unlock Recurring Revenue


"The automotive industry is renowned for its fierce competition. While selling cars is the foundation of every dealership, the true key to prosperity lies in generating recurring revenue. Dealerships must adapt and employ innovative strategies to thrive in this ever-evolving market. The challenge, however, is multifaceted. It's not just about driving sales but also about retaining loyal customers who keep coming back, fueling your revenue streams. In the following discussion, we'll delve into a pivotal issue that many dealerships face - the struggle to secure and retain recurring customers. And, of course, we'll unveil the solution that's set to revolutionize your dealership's future: iMBrace."

Tired of the Grind in the Automotive Industry?

Sales Team Tired Of The Grind

Selling cars day in and day out keeps the lights on, but true success in the automotive world is about driving recurring revenue. While selling vehicles is crucial, the real key to thriving in this competitive field lies in creating long-term customer relationships. But here's the catch: Many dealerships are grappling with the challenge of establishing a steady stream of recurring revenue. This steady income is essential for business growth, exceptional customer service, and securing your dealership's position in the market.

In the relentless automotive realm, the pursuit of recurring revenue can become an elusive quest. It's not merely about convincing customers to drive off the lot with a shiny new vehicle; it's about keeping them coming back for maintenance, repairs, and future purchases. The ongoing success of your dealership hinges on your ability to sustain long-term relationships with customers, fostering trust and loyalty.

The Hidden Obstacle - Failing to Keep Recurring Customers

Even if you manage to secure recurring customers, the battle is far from over. Many dealerships struggle to keep these customers engaged, informed, and interested in their services. Over time, these customers might forget about your dealership or opt for another one when they need maintenance, repairs, or their next vehicle purchase. This problem is a crucial one because retaining existing customers is significantly more cost-effective than constantly chasing new ones.

Picture this: a customer purchases a vehicle from your dealership, and all seems well. However, as time passes, they lose touch with your services. When their vehicle requires maintenance, they don't think of your dealership. They may receive promotions and reminders from competitors, drawing them away from your business. This issue, where customers forget about your services and seek them elsewhere, is a substantial barrier to the lasting revenue your dealership craves.

Outbound Marketing with iMBrace - Sustaining Recurring Revenue Streams

Enter iMBrace, the ultimate solution for your recurring revenue needs. This innovative platform helps you maintain a connection with your customers, ensuring they return to your dealership whenever they need automotive services. With iMBrace's outbound marketing tools, you can effortlessly send scheduled maintenance and promotion reminders, keeping your customers informed and engaged. This not only helps in sustaining recurring revenue but also enhances your dealership's reputation as a customer-focused business.

iMBrace's outbound marketing doesn't just send generic reminders. It's a personalized approach, making each customer feel valued and recognized. Through automated messages and promotions tailored to individual customer needs for their vehicles, your dealership creates a unique bond with clients. This dynamic engagement is your ticket to customer retention and recurring revenue.

Streamlining Appointments with iMBrace No-Code Workflows - Effortless Scheduling

Scheduling appointments is a crucial part of keeping your customers satisfied. But in many dealerships, this process can be complex, time-consuming, and prone to errors. iMBrace simplifies this with its No-Code Workflow feature. Effortlessly schedule appointments, allocate resources, and streamline your workflow. This means your team can focus on what matters most - engaging with customers, driving sales, and ensuring a top-notch experience.

In the automotive world, the key to success is efficiency and convenience. With iMBrace, you can transform the customer appointment experience. No more frustrating delays, double bookings, or overlooked appointments. The No-Code Workflow ensures a seamless and effortless scheduling process with dynamic bookings, reducing the risk of customer dissatisfaction. Your customers will appreciate the convenience, and you'll benefit from increased customer loyalty and recurring revenue.

Your Path to Transformative Success with iMBrace

In a highly competitive automotive industry, adaptability and innovation are the keys to longevity. By addressing the challenge of recurring revenue and customer retention with iMBrace, your dealership can catapult itself into a new era of success. Bid farewell to the struggles of maintaining customer relationships and coordinating appointments manually. With iMBrace, you have the tools at your fingertips to drive not only sales but also the lasting revenue streams that make your dealership truly thrive.

Your customers are expecting a seamless and dynamic experience when they engage with your dealership. Ready to transform your dealership's future and unlock lasting success in the automotive industry? Join the iMBrace revolution today and set the stage for your dealership's performance. Don't let hidden obstacles hold you back from the success you deserve.

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Streamlined Engagement:
iMBrace outbound marketing is personalized, making customers feel valued and recognized which enhances your dealership’s reputation.
Increased Operational Cost:
Without iMBrace, you may need to invest more resources in manual customer engagement and appointment management, leading to higher operational costs.
Customer Retention:
iMBrace assists in retaining existing customers by sending scheduled reminders, and fostering customer loyalty.
Necessary Staff training:
Properly training your dealership team to use iMBrace’s solutions effectively may require an investment of time and resources
Efficient Appointment Scheduling:
iMBrace’s No Code Workflow feature simplifies the scheduling process, ensuring customer satisfaction
Higher Customer Churn:
Without iMBrace’s retention tools, your dealership might experience higher customer churn, impacting longer-term revenue.


What is the primary challenge in generating recurring revenue for dealerships, and how does IMBRace address it?

The primary challenge is the ability to retain customers over time. Many dealerships face the issue of customers forgetting about their services or opting for competitors when in need of maintenance, repairs, or new vehicle purchases. iMBrace addresses this by retaining loyal customers through personalized outbound marketing, fostering lasting relationships and increasing revenue.

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How does iMBrace simplify the appointment scheduling process for dealerships?

iMBrace simplifies the appointment scheduling process with its No-Code Workflow feature. This tool enables dealerships to effortlessly schedule appointment times with its dynamic booking feature. This ensures efficient scheduling, reducing customer dissatisfaction and boosting loyalty and recurring revenue for dealerships.

Learn more about the iMBrace No-Code-Workflow:

Can iMBrace accommodate both small and large dealerships?

Yes, iMBrace is designed to cater to needs of both small and large dealerships. It offers scalability, ensuring that as your dealership grows, iMBrace’s features and capabilities can grow with it. This adaptability makes it a valuable solution for a wide range of automotive businesses.

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