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iMBrace is a company based in Hong Kong with offices in Taiwan, Malaysia, and Canada. We’re on a mission to recreate a new way for companies to work together internally and externally. iMBrace allows our customers to embrace all their current processes, platforms, and all communication channels. We connect all silos and provide a future-proof solution that is simple and agile.

More Return Customers
More Sales
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Build Next Gen cognitive relationships for future growth.


Facilitates the scaling of passion by connects Channels and Business Platforms seamlessly.

iMBrace Founders


Simon Yeung


Michael Wong

Simon and Michael are tech veterans & entrepreneurs. Simon and Michael both have their own startups (LGC Wireless and mBounce) early on in the US and in Hong Kong respectively with both companies successfully acquired (US$169MUSD, US$10M).

Simon moved on to become President and Executive Director of Comba Telecom and grew the company to become a US$1B revenue wireless telecom equipment company with subsidiaries around the world. Simon graduated from Purdue and Berkeley in EECS and owned 2 US patents. Simon is the 2016 winner of the Young Industrialist Award.

Michael moved on to become the CTO of Chaatz, an advanced multiple touchpoints social media platform that has more than 20M subscribers at the peak.

We together see a huge gap between the current Customer Relationship Management solutions and how the customers interact with companies. We made use of our extensive Startup to corporate management expertise to purpose built the iMBrace solution to disrupt next Generation CRM system.

What differentiate us?

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